WordPress is certainly the world’s best content management software to date and has been around since 2003. It is ideal for social media integration, in-house updates and also provides a reliable and economical web development. It is the flexibility and scalability that this popular software offers which makes it the CMS of choice for both blogging and non-blogging websites alike. So, what are the benefits of using WordPress CMS?

1. Minimal expenses – Most of the WordPress features are free to use while numerous others are generally cheap to purchase. For a start, WordPress is absolutely free to use offering the full WordPress software download free of charge. Users are also capable of hosting the software on their preferred domain without necessarily having to pay for any software license fees. With thousands of available free plugins, it is definitely one of the most cost effective CMS to use.

2. User-friendliness – This is one of the main reasons why WordPress has gained so much popularity over the short span since its inception. Users do not require technical or programming skills to use or manage this CMS. It has an intuitive administrative interface which allows easy and quick management of functions such as creating, formatting and publishing of content online. This can be done by just a few clicks on the respective menu buttons. Very little training is required for people with no prior knowledge of web design to use it fully. It is possible for administrators of the CMS to add pages, images or blog posts without having to rely on their web designers.

3. Quick installation – WordPress is famous for the 5-minute install which show just how easy and quick it is to install the CMS for your site. Most major webhosting providers offer simple, one-click installation procedure of WordPress when launching a website. Users should thus not worry about complex installation processes since this can easily be accessed from a hosting provider’s control panel.

4. Good for SEO – WordPress makes it easier to optimize for search engines results. It is said that Google loves the clean WordPress code and this helps sites that use this CMS to climb higher in the search results ranks. The main benefits of using WordPress for an advantage in SEO ranking include:- The option to add tags to posts which aids the search bots to find internal pages. This provides easier navigation for users.- The ability to modify the permalinks for any post thus allowing focus on specific keywords.- Ability to optimize images which help Google to index them in the image results page. – It has a clean code that is well formatted and organized and which makes it easily crawled by the search bots.- There are numerous extensions and plugins that can be added to WordPress for increased SEO.

5. Easily customizable – WordPress offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to customization. This is especially useful in creating a unique website/business look through addition of preferred templates and plugins. There are infinite options on this front due to hundreds of templates and plugins by WordPress developers added every day. Users have innumerable options when trying new ideas and adding new features, designs and themes to their CMS. For example, video galleries, calendars and social feeds can all be added to the website using plugins.

6. Strong community support – Unlike its competitor platforms, WordPress has a large community that comprises of thousands of experts and users alike. The community offers immense help especially to new users who need help when stuck while also offering various resources such as ebooks, blogs, message and discussion boards and online tutorials. Users will most of the time get any kind of information from the online community on issues concerning WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress

7. Access from any location – WordPress is a browser based CMS meaning users can login from any computer connected to the internet and manage their site. The CMS is cloud based and can be accessed from free mobile Apps on IOS and Android platform.

8. Allows for multiple users – Administrators who have full access to the CMS are capable of adding as many different users while assigning access levels and capabilities to every user. This is especially handy when there are various staff members responsible for maintaining different aspects of the site.

9. Full control of the website – WordPress users do not need much external or professional help in managing their web presence. They are able to make simple updates and control nearly all aspects of their sites themselves. Once the site has been launched, users are only required to learn the basics and use of all powerful features and functions provided by WordPress for efficient management of their site.

10. Security – There is no known software which is considered completely free from security vulnerabilities. However, with WordPress, this forms of weaknesses are greatly reduced thus making it the most reputable CMS platform. There has only been a handful of security concerns in the past. To avoid such incidences, several handy security tips are regularly provided by experts. Also, keeping up with the current updated software will help boost your website’s security.

11. Speed – WordPress is relatively less bulky than most other CMS platforms available today. This makes it a fast website software although the speed can be dependent on other factors other than the software’s bulkiness. Users should ensure that there aren’t design elements such as templates or plugins that are instead slowing down their site. This is handy for better ranking since loading time is considered as one of the factors for this. Users can use cache plugins to reduce their WordPress websites’ loading time.

12. Regular updates – WordPress is an open source software, which means it constantly receives feedback and improvements through its design and development community. The regular updates are necessary in fixing bugs and making available new features and functionality. Users should, therefore, ensure that they keep up with current updates for optimum gain from the WordPress CMS.
WordPress is a great and flexible Content Management Software for designers, developers and clients. Users are provided with numerous benefits in terms of great features and endless functions when using this CMS platform. It is also capable of adapting to the user’s growing need and this makes it a majority’s choice of CMS today.