Inbound Website Redesign

Many businesses have issues with their website. We hear about them every day from people looking to do something different. The problems range from things such as:

  1. Designs becoming outdated quickly and not having the funds to keep having them redone.
  2. Wanting to make improvements but not having the technical know-how.
  3. Having trouble figuring out an actual ROI and tracking analytics that actually mean something.
  4. Website is not benefiting from current marketing and lead strategies.

There is a new solution for issues such as this and it is called an ‘inbound website.’ It doesn’t just solve some of these problems; it solves ALL of these problems.
An inbound website simply gives you a new perspective on your website. No longer will a static-type site with a simple Contact page fit the bill. You need much more than that in this day and age and if your website is not selling your business 24/7 then you are missing out on prospective leads and revenue.  The way it works is basically that your inbound strategy and marketing funnel are built right into your website.  You have a dedicated web team, either in-house or hired to monitor performance and make changes every month. You host on a platform that makes growth driven design easy.  Check out these advantages to having and inbound website redesign done for your business:

  • You will get conversions by creating an around the clock marketing funnel.

In the past many times a website was not considering as a piece of your marketing strategy. But they are actually the same thing. Your website is the basis for your marketing strategy and gives you a complete lead generation platform.

  • You will show up earlier in your customer’s sales cycle, thereby generating leads.

Most buyers are already researching and making decisions long before they make a sales call. You want to be there with your website to help educate your customers throughout this sales cycle, not only at the end, or midway through it.

  • There will be marked improvement in both performance and design because things are happening on a continual basis rather than waiting to redesign everything every couple of years.

You wouldn’t sit there with the same marketing campaigns year after year and there is no reason why your website should collect cobwebs either. Your web team with set smart goals to analyze certain metric values of your business. They will analyze the data from your website and they will then make periodic improvements reacting to this data.

  • You trade in one time cost for long-term data and proven ROI.

What this means is that instead of paying a large cost to have everything completely overhauled once every year or so, with an inbound site you are constantly improving. You don’t have to cram everything into the redesign because your website is fluid and is making incremental changes every month.

  • You will qualify your contacts much better with smart content and a built-in lifecycle strategy.

Based on statistics from the Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. What this means is that your customers are better educated and have more trust in your solutions, thereby allowing them to make more confident investments. If you are not nurturing your leads, you are leaving business on the table, plain and simple. With a properly setup inbound website, nurturing leads becomes a snap.

Get started with an inbound website redesign by getting in touch with us today.  We can help you with a strategy to integrate your marketing efforts into your website by updating your hosting and CMS platforms.