There is no doubt that WordPress has done away with a large part of the tedious process of having to put up a website. However, unlike some of the easy fixes that come with a great variety of disappointments and setbacks, WordPress is all great news. This is more so the case when it comes to bloggers. It comes jam packed with a variety of features that make it very usable and make the blogging sites more interactive and fun to use both for the bloggers as well as their audience. if you’re looking for more plugins to make our blog even better, here are 5 that will definitely heighten your experience and make it more attractive.

1. Yet Another Related Post Plugin. 

Most people are always fixated on how to get the traffic coming and coming again. However, have you ever stopped to think of how you can be able to make your reader stay longer on your page to read more of your impressive content? Well the YARPP plug in as it is better known is tasked with this very valuable task. When a reader visits your blog posts and are reading a certain post, the plug in will recommend other related contents that the user can make use of. Keep in mind that this will be on the side and these will be links. The plug in can also have some thumbnails if you prefer. That way your readers have related content that they can always refer to when they are done reading their current post.

The best thing about this is that readers are able to find blogs that they can relate to or information that is valuable to them in a very short period of time and providing them with only what is necessary and what might interest them. Once the plugin has been installed, the blogger can either choose to configure I t and change some of the settings but it can also be left to run on its default which allows it to save more time. This way you have more time to create head spinning content while at the same time allowing your readers to discover more relevant content at the same time without any extra investment. And the best part is that this is free.

Yet Another Related Post
2. Widget Logic. 

This is yet another plugin that is tailor made to only show the readers what matters to them but this time in a different perspective. This plug in designed to tell widgets when and where to appear especially on different pages and posts as well as categories. This is how it works. Assuming you have a blog that deal with two different categories and you’re looking maybe to run a small poll on one of the categories but you only want the people that find that particular category fun to participate what will you do?

Simply download and install widget logic. This will mean that only people who are reading content on that category will see the poll. All the other will continue with their business with no interruptions whatsoever since the poll will not be related to them. That is how Widget Logic works.

Widget Logic
3. Broken link checker. 

This is one of those plugins that will ensure that you offer your readers a problematic free experience. Link building is an important part of getting traffic and building relationships with other users, websites and even bloggers. This is also a great way for your readers to find great content and helps greatly in making sure that you improve the ranking of your blog. But what happens if these links are broken and are not functioning? Your readers will constantly face walls and null feedbacks and this can be a reason for them not to come back. Broken links checker ensures this does not happen.

Depending on how you have configured the plug in, it works in the back ground picking out any problematic links. If any are found, you can find notifications in your email or in the dashboard of your blog. This can not only save you a lot of time but also a lot of frustration for your readers and consequently a lot of losses in terms of traffic. This plug in is free and utterly invaluable.

Broken link checker
4. Editorial calendar. 

For those that do not have the interest of time on their side and would rather write their posts ahead of time for them to be published at a later date, then this is one plug in they will find very useful. It is still possible to schedule publication dates or your posts on WordPress but the problem is that you’re not able to see this dates after. Editorial calendar ensures that this does not happen and with this you can be able to see when each of the posts have been scheduled for publication.

The best part about this plug in is that it allows you to move the posts around the calendar by simply dragging and dropping. This makes it easy and very convenient for you so that you’re able to make targeted and well calculated posts that will relate both to time and the readers so that they are able to make an impact to the readers.

Editorial calendar
5. Akismet. 

One of the primary problems that most Bloggers face is the fact that spam commenting is becoming the order of the day and this could hurt their presence since in most cases, these are very intensive to remove since you have to through post by post which can be quite tiring and also, it can lead to loss of traffic since some of the comments might be offensive to some of the readers. While you want to be able to interact with your users and readers and get to see what they think of your work and writing, spammers make it very difficult but this plug in is meant to address that.

By installing this plug in, the spam content will never make it to your blog and all you have to do is remain fixated on what the real readers who matter have to say and get interactive. No going through spam and no having to keep blocking users. It is just you your loyal circle.