New Google PlusUsers of Google Plus have noticed some changes recently. New features, such as collections, and a new look have found their way to this social media site. The popular search engine has been listening to its users to find new ways to improve Plus. They have looked at what the constant users have liked, what brings in new users, and what the users talk about. Using this feedback, they have given Plus a new look. Just in time for 2016, you can go check out the new design and the new features. If it has been awhile since you checked out the site, there is a lot to see.

Communities and collections were the biggest parts of this change. Since they came about, they have been hugely popular. People love them. Communities get over a million new joins a day, a huge increase for any site. These communities stay strong and continue to attract people. With a large number of communities available, and so many more coming out every day, you can take advantage of them fully. They make local search, connecting, and learning easier. With the new collections feature, you can also see collections of many different arts, items, and themes. From zombie cats to watches, there is a collection for it.

With the users loving the communities and collections features, they were the main focus of the Google Plus revamp. The redesign put both of these on the main stage. When you enter Google Plus, you will see both and you will have the chance to explore both fully. This search engine is now putting all their focus on the interests of its users. It is simplified, it is clean, and it is user-focused. If you follow certain communities and collections, they are now on the front page. You can focus on what you like.

The design also made Google Plus accessible from any device. The redesign created a more mobile-friendly website that you can access easily regardless of screen size. Users can always log into their account, no matter where they are. It also makes local search better for mobile users. Mobile users can find content on Google Plus when searching without having to worry about usability or compatibility. It is the most user-friendly design that Google has ever made.
To start using the new design, you will have to opt-in for it. It is not an automatic change on your account or for the entire website.


If it has not already been converted, watch the video below to switch to the new Google Plus for your account.