nonprofit mailing listEveryone knows that you need to have an email list…right?

As a nonprofit, you probably have several email lists already. You might have one for donors and supporters and you probably have one for repeat donors. Many times nonprofits will even have a list of prospective donors who have not yet donated. How you have these lists segregated depends upon your CRM and also your email software, but having these various lists will help you to craft your messages and awareness as well as your fundraising requests.  But, not all email lists are created equal and there are proven ways to help you grow your email lists quickly and easily.

  1. You should have a e-newsletter subscribe page on your website. This page can show things like how often your newsletter will be sent and the content that a subscriber can expect to see within your e-newsletter. You can use your social networks to promote this page and if your nonprofit utilizes a mobile alert campaign, you can add an opt-in for mobile alerts on this page as well.
  2. Promote some sort of online contest where signing up for your newsletter is necessary to participate. If you require your readers to subscribe to your newsletter to take part in the contest or giveaway, you will find that your list will grow very quickly.
  3. Offering exclusive content that requires an email address is a great way to build your list. Things like reports and ebooks available by download are excellent offers for potential donors.
  4. Creating online pledges and petitions is another way for people to enter in their email address in order to participate.
  5. Hosting webinars is a strong another offering. Readers must enter in their email address to view the webinar and depending on the frequency of your webinars, this can build your list fast.
  6. Creating an excellent e-newsletter subscribe graphic (usually 600×600 pixels) and uploading it to your social networks with a link to your subscribe page is a great way to grab your reader’s attention and increase your opt-in rate.
  7. The addition of call to action overlays on your YouTube videos that link to your e-newsletter subscribe page will increase your list.
  8. Put your e-newsletter opt-in on online event calendars.
  9. Sending out text alerts with a link to your e-newsletter subscribe page or an opt-in form will net excellent results.
  10. Make sure that your e-newsletter opt-in form link is prominently displayed on your homepage. It should also be on every page of your website, your blog page and in every blog post.

There are more spin-offs of these ideas that can help your nonprofit grow it’s email lists as well, and the more you have fun with it and make it fun for your readers, the better your results will be. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to get people to sign up and opt-in for your e-newsletter. Once they do you can continually touch them to raise awareness for your nonprofit.