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We wanted to take a quick moment to share what the Dev406 office will look like for the next couple of weeks, and more importantly, what this means for your websites, marketing services, and open web development projects.

We will be working from our homes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and to help accommodate those of us with school-aged children who are out of school.

There will be no change in how we manage support, digital marketing services, or the experience for you and your hosted websites. We are already optimized for and comfortable with remote work, so you won’t experience any service disruption.

You may experience a delay in support responses as we see an influx of support needed by county and state agency websites that we help support through the coming weeks.  We encourage you to not call in for support, but please utilize our email support services by emailing any support issues to

Open web development projects will also see a slight delay in scheduling, and we will update you accordingly if you have a project in development.

We’re here to help support your online business during this time (as always) and to help ensure that business continues to flow.

We also understand that you’re likely prepping for remote teamwork, connecting with your clients, and discussing their potential business concerns (or helping them transition to a more robust digital experience). We can assist with all of the above; please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have concerns or need any help.

Right now, we believe it’s more important than ever to provide you peace of mind. We’ll continue to offer support for your hosted websites, continue to build great websites and provide awesome SEO services.

Thank you!


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Gerrick Phillips / Owner

Office: (406) 702-1557
Direct: (406) 534-3839