Fundraising for NonprofitsFundraising for nonprofits has always been challenging.  There are a number of ways that you can be using your website to garner charitable donations for your nonprofit. However, that can be part of the problem. So many different things exist to accomplish this task that it can be rather intimidating to find the best tool for you. Here are some of our favorite tools that not only make it easy for donors, they are also affordable for your nonprofit fundraising.

1) Google Wallet

Google Wallet makes it easy to access your online donation shopping and history from anywhere, at any time you like.  It is easy to set up and it also allows donors to repeat donations. And because it is Google, a trusted brand to consumers, it can help ease any fears that people may have about the online donation process. There is a 2.9%+$0.30 transaction fee and once you are set up with Google Wallet you may be able to access a number of other features that exist for nonprofits through Google.  Check out Google Wallet.

2) Network for Good

Another great tool is Network for Good Donate Now Lite. This service offers a variety of software to get your online donations rolling, including things like email service, branded page donations, as well as excellent customer service.  In the past, Donate Now services were rather expensive and geared more toward larger organizations, but their new Lite version opens the door for smaller level nonprofits as well. There is a 5% transaction fee, recurring donation functions, and a fundraising page.  Take a look at Network For Good.

3) Razoo

Razoo is a top notch website for indexing your site and getting the best exposure for your cause.  You can utilize a variety of functions with Razoo, including setting up a Donation Widget to process donations on your site. They offer a 4.9%  per transaction rate and it is very simple to set up a recurring donation or just a one time donation as well.  Learn more about Razoo.

4) PayPal Donations

PayPal DonationsPayPal Donations offers services specifically for nonprofits online donations and their donation buttons are excellent and easy to install on your website. You can also gather donor’s information with PayPal buttons if you know HTML or if you have a web developer working for you. Other companies do not offer this and it can be important in getting to know your donors better. PayPal is also a very trusted brand when it comes to online monetary transactions. They are easily recognizable and people don’t give a second thought about sending money through PayPal. They offer processing at 2.2%+$0.30 per transaction as well, which is extremely competitive.  Click here to learn more about PayPal Donations.

5) FirstGiving

FirstGiving is a donation tool that integrates well with many other tools, including social media, some CRM, CMS, and analytics and email tools. This product was designed specifically for fundraising for nonprofits and that makes it very easy and accessible to use both for donors as well as nonprofit organizations. You can of course accept donations but also manage events and communications with donors. The fees are a little higher at 7.5%, with 5% going to the enhancement of the product and the other 2.5% to credit card processing fees, but you can also do things like register an event and pay 4.25%.  Check out FirstGiving here.

While these are just few examples of online donation tools you can use for your nonprofit, there are many others as well that might fit your cause. These are all easy to integrate and operate and you can get started with them while you look for other tools that you can benefit from.

DEV406 specializes in helping area nonprofit organizations find better ways to achieve increased awareness, grow volunteering and employees, as well as solutions in fundraising for nonprofits.  If you have any question about the services explained above or would like a review of your website to find the best giving option, get in touch with us today!  Click here to setup a phone appointment of to schedule a meeting or simply give us a call at (406) 545-2422.