Duped By Your DeveloperIt really bothers me when I see good people get duped by bad web developers or small firms that just can’t deliver on a project, or just disappear all together.

Web Design and development has been an open market now for about 20 years, yet there is no legislation on design and development providers.  While there are rules, regulations and standards on the hosting end of things, there is only reputation, good faith and trust in the design and development realm. What this means is that we all know what we are going to pay (approximately) to host our website and email, or what our monthly costs will be for third party SEO and marketing.  We will usually understand what service and how much of it we are getting for those costs.  If you are in the market for web design or development work, then you are also fair game for the many so-called professionals who will promise you the world plus a million new customers.  Sadly a large percentage of those promises are either false or un-realistic.

However, I don’t blame the customer one bit.  It’s up to us as the providers to ensure our clients completely understand the full scope of every project.  It’s up to us to provide ALL of the information and form a trusting relationship.  Things come up, dates get missed and work gets added to the project scope, almost always.  These things are going to happen but if everything is understood by all parties before starting, you can expect amazing work to be created, strong relationships and successful online businesses.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be discussing many topics that relate directly to Website design and Development, from provider to client.  I’ll be covering everything that can and will come up on both ends of website design and development projects in hopes that both developers and consumers can get a better understanding of how it all works.

You might be saying, “well, what makes you the expert?” I’ve been working in the field of web services for 18 years and during that time have had great success stories and great failures.  I’ve learned from all of it and through trial and error I’ve built myself a very stable and comfortable business.  I’ll use my personal experiences in New York and Montana as a freelancer, a small business owner and even when I worked for “the man”.

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