Agent 99 Voice Talent

Agent 99 helps casting directors find voice talent. Agent 99 Voice Talent had a specific challenge of creating a very powerful web and social presence to generate targeted traffic which would then work in line with their extensive inbound marketing program.

I designed and launched the Agent 99 Voice Talent website which is simple, fully responsive, and focused on Search Engine Optimization. The website itself offers access to a full library of voice over talent, along with audio and video demos, tying directly into an extensive Soundcloud account. Users can easily search for voice over talent and review demos on the front end. On the back end, the website manages and routes all inbound traffic based on their navigation throughout the site. This “smart” website then makes decisions on what additional content to serve. Inbound marketing campaigns are in place throughout Google, Yahoo and Bing which direct targeted traffic to specific lander pages, where users can opt-in to a mailing list specific to their industry. Marketing also includes weekly/monthly email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Soundcloud schedule targeted posting.

With our help, Agent 99 has become one of the top voice over agents in the US, with services reaching worldwide.

Small Business Website Design, WordPress Content Management System, HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, SEO, Social Media Marketing

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