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We are very proud of our work and get excited when we receive a positive message from clients. We take what we do seriously and strive to ensure that no matter what the project scope, we deliver above what is expected. Below is what some of our clients are saying:

In late 2013, we were informed by one of our supporters that when she typed Rimrock Humane Society into the Google search engine, it came up as “this site has been hacked”. We were stunned and checked it out ourselves—sure enough, she was right. It never ceases to amaze us why people take the time to hurt others by hacking into a site. We tried desperately to fix the site and had to basically reset the site. After the reset, we lost a lot of vital information and limped along for well over 6 months with a page that was not functioning properly.
For us here at the RHS, our website is our “home” as we do not have a physical facility — being a virtual shelter means you get to meet us on our webpage. Having that page be a safe place for folks to look at animals and review our information is more than just imperative, it is a necessity.
We were then introduced to Gerrick Phillips from DEV406 web design. From the first meeting to the final walk through, we were handled with professionalism and care. Designing a web page is a lot like designing a home. You have to decide on the major framework, choose number of pages (rooms), color schemes and then decide what information (furniture) will go inside.
It took almost six months of constant communication between Gerrick and us as many designs were considered and re-considered. Thank goodness Gerrick is patient; he walked us competently through every step along the way. The final result is a page that we are incredibly proud of but will be constantly tweaking to provide new and improved features to assist the user. Just like any home, the design work is never done and we will continue to strive to give our web page visitors the best visitation experience ever! Thanks again to Gerrick! Please stop by at www.rimrockhumanesociety.org to visit our new home!

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find someone to help with my website and SEO work. There are many out there that claim to know what they’re doing but sadly don’t and will charge you large amounts of money to do very little or the wrong things. If you are working on a start up or needing help with an existing website and SEO, Gerrick is the guru that beats them all! Not only does he know his stuff but stays current with the constant and important changes made almost daily. He helps explain, in easy terms, what needs to be done and why. He is there to support and partner with you on a daily basis to make your business grow. I know because the poor guy gets many emails and calls from me as I learn this much more complicated Internet world that I expected. Save some time, money and headache and let Gerrick work his magic. You won’t be disappointed!

Gerrick is easy to work with and makes recommendations and suggestions that will help our organization grow and build brand awareness. He knows what people need help with and finds the best and in most cases a solution that is easy for all to use in the end. We are very excited with our new website redesign.

I am so thrilled with my new website that Gerrick Phillips created. He is so much fun to work with and his branding and marketing support are superb:) I didn’t even know where to start, but Gerrick had a vision and because of his expertise and knowledge we were up and running with a great site !!! No matter what your budget, Gerrick will help make your dream a reality!! If you have a project big or small I highly recommend dev406.

My experience working with Gerrick has been a very positive experience. Gerrick’s knowledge and creativity in website design is second to none. Where I feel Gerrick really excels, is also what I consider the most difficult aspect of website design: achieving the customers goals through good communication. I would recommend Gerrick and Dev406 for any website design needs.

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Ryan Wingerter - Premeir Technologies LLC

You have done amazing work with all of our projects. We really appreciate your expertise and patience. You guys totally rock!

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Alicia Meyer - MSU Billings Foundation

They are great communicators, prompt, patient and really easy to work with. I can’t imagine a better experience!

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Allison Smith-Estelle, PHD - PowerUpSpeakOut.org

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